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For God's Glory and Our Joy


“Leedah is one of the most electrifying young preachers in America. He is biblically sound, contemporary in his approach, connecting in his style. If you haven’t heard him, you are missing one of the great and upcoming voices of our time." Dr. Rev. Stanley Long, Pastor Emeritus South Bay Community Church


"In the Bay Area God is raising up the next generation of pastors and one unique voice that's emerging is Leedah Wong. Leedah brings the urgency of the gospel and the nuances of Christian formation that breaks through cultural and generational lines. His communication style comes with conviction and whimsy... which is a perfect combination to motivate the church beyond information to transformation and action. If you're looking for a speaker to rock your weekend service, conference, or event... without question bring in Leedah Wong, then buckle up!!"

Jon Talbert, Chief Guide Officer at Paraclete

& MLB Chaplain

"Your message this morning really hit home. Thank you for being so open about your journey. It's refreshing to hear the real deal and how God brought you through."

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